Modern Blazers


Modern sport coats have an updated fit with slightly narrower shoulder & slightly higher arm holes for a contemporary look.

Grey Blazer with Jeans

If black is just too striking for you, and you’d rather keep your outfit colours lighter, then a grey blazer might be a good choice for you. It’s just as versatile as black and with the amount of shades to choose from, you’re bound to find one to suit you. If you’re set on matching your blazer with a pair of blue jeans choose one in a light grey so the overall look stays consistent. If you’re going for black jeans, choose a blazer in a cool tone grey colour to pair with it as this will ensure that even if the colouring is different the overall vibe stays the same.

How to Wear Jeans With a Blazer grey blazer jeans street style

Grey Sports Coat with Jeans

It can be hard to pick out the exact differences between a sports jacket and blazer. The blazer stems from a naval history, while the sports coat stems from hunting. Because of the different uses, they have slightly different fits, with the sports coat being slightly looser and undefined as a blazer. The sports coat is generally made from thicker materials and has a sturdier look than the blazer.

If you like the look of blazers, but feel too restricted by the tailoring and fixed rules on shape, then a sports coat might be for you. The looser form can give a more relaxed finish but without the risk of looking like you’ve picked the wrong size. If you want to pair a grey sports coat with jeans then you can pretty much follow the same rules as with a grey blazer, but just make sure that you keep your jeans on the slim side. Because the sports coat is that much thicker than the blazer you don’t want to appear too bulky, so it’s good to have a contrast of fits to keep the look streamlined.

Men’s Coloured Blazers

There’s no need to stick to black and grey if colour is more your thing, and a bright blazer can really bring your outfit to new levels. For summer you could go for light pastel colours, like a blue or pink, and for the winter months experiment with patterns and darker shades. Because you’re not dealing with a simple tonal colour like black or grey it’s actually easier to match jeans with a coloured blazer. You can easily pair light or dark coloured jeans with these blazers, but it’s best to still avoid anything faded, ripped or too baggy, as this can give a messy, unfinished look


How to Wear Jeans With a Blazer grey blazer jeans pattern

Coloured Blazers Outfits

To keep things simple you can stick to a neutral pair of blue jeans, and match your blazer with a simple white shirt. However if your blazer is in a bright or light colour you can achieve a summery vibe by pairing it with straight leg or skinny white jeans. Because of the stand out look of a coloured blazer it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral, or at least in the same tone so there’s not a huge amount of contrast.

How to Wear Jeans With a Blazer grey blazer jeans colour

Men’s Casual Blazer Outfits For Inspiration

Okay, so as the blazer is generally a formal looking piece, when we say casual we don’t mean something you can lounge around in. It does mean comfortable though, and it is possible to wear a blazer casually. Below are some of the best examples of men pulling off the casual look with their blazer and jean combination.

Grey Sports Coat with Jeans casual look

Can you Wear a Suit Jacket with Jeans?

It’s a question that has a two distinct answers, with a lot of people feeling pretty strongly either side. People who answer no usually aren’t too happy about pairing a blazer with jeans either, and people who answer yes are usually more relaxed about the ‘rules’ of fashion. In reality the difference between a suit jacket and a blazer are fairly small, with the suit jacket always having a matching pair of trousers made to go with it. They’re also a little slimmer fit than the blazer, and can come in sleeker, shiner materials.

To pull off a suit jacket with jeans it’s best to keep your jeans slim or skinny fit, and avoid a straight leg jean or anything that’s too loose. A suit jacket is a slim fit item so you need to keep the look consistent, and not pair it with anything that’s going to contrast with it too much.

How to Wear Jeans With a Blazer suit jacket

Jeans to Wear with Blazers

So there are various ways you can match your jeans with blazers. The general idea is that you buy a blazer and then work out the jeans to pair with it from there. But you might have a favourite pair of jeans in a colour or shade you love, and feel like matching a blazer with them rather than the other way around. If this is the case you need to roughly know what blazers will best suit your jeans in terms of colour and print.

What to Wear With Light Blue Jeans

If you’ve got a pair of light blue jeans then you’ve got a few options to play around with. In general it’s best to avoid anything too dark, and you can end up appearing top heavy. Stick to lighter colours like cream, grey or pastel blues and pinks. If you’re going for a bold colour stay away from patterns so as not to go overboard.

How to Wear Jeans With a Blazer light blue jeans

What Goes with Dark Blue Jeans

Dark jeans are a little easier to pair with blazers, and a lot of the blazers you can pair with light jeans you can also pair with darker ones. Colours that don’t necessarily go with light blue jeans can also go with dark blue jeans such as black, so you’re more open to options if you have a favourite pair of dark blue jeans.

What Goes with light Blue Jeans

Ways to Wear a Blazer

If the idea of wearing jeans with a blazer doesn’t appeal to you, but you like the casual look of the outfit, then there are a few other options you can go with. A pair of slim fit black joggers are a good alternative to black jeans, and they can give your outfit an casual, alternative streak.

How to Wear Jeans With a Blazer joggers

You can also try out a pair of casual chinos, either in a subtle neutral tone or in a bold colour to brighten up a plain blazer. Pastel chinos are great for adding a a touch of summery lightness to an outfit, and would go great with a light grey or navy blazer.

How to Wear Jeans With a Blazer chinos